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Java was abducted by Goths at 1130 GMT. Javas new dog seatbelt attachment held up proceedings, being a bit of a puzzle. The rubik cube of dog apparell. Not helped by Java being very excited. At one point Boglin was wearing it perfectly.

There were emotional scenes as Java went off for her first sleepover away from home.
hatty: Java, I know your going to miss me....
Java: Come on Boglin, start the car and lets party....
hatty: but I want you to be brave and
Java: Yeah, whatever. Boglin, can I open me sandwiches now?

A tear in hatty humans eye as she heard "Are we there yet?!" barking into the distance.

We do however suspect, that Java, will want to sleep in the middle....."muttley laugh"
heh! Managed to keep it to just a few! Java is home, burnt her nose a smidge and is happily tired.