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Java is all packed for the off with boglin baldrick and companions tomorrow. Rucksack is packed. Two cans of tucker including  duck&rabbi flavour (Baldrick can check) and assorted snacks. Shiny new ID tag on her collar. Her own sleeping bag and towel. And extra pocket money so she can get a round in. hatty has even included a user guide for Java Dog.

Lindsay and Abe will be having a special day trip to compensate.

 In house news - the central heating is almost installed though it did slightly flood the cellar. God apparently sends plagues and floods when he is a bit miffed. Which would explain the Japanese Knotweed, the damp and the problem with the central heating. Tree surgeon starts work tomorrow to stop Big Tree ripping up the church wall. First tree surgeon that our humans have met who actually doesn't like trees....mostly tress surgeons are tree-hugging lentily beardy peaceniks like our hippy....but this one surveyed the poor condemned tree with sour hatred and utter contempt. His hands itching to reach for his chainsaw.

And talking of tree hugging lentil eating hippies - our humans will be going here http://www.gladefestival.com/ for one of their summer excursions. Tickets have been allocated. Dogsitting is required...........

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