kato age two

Dog Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

That Java got a parcel this morning full of Holiday Clothes and Camping Gear. Lindsay and I adopted  our  "Do you Fink I,m Bovvered" positions. Plush gothic dog towel, black with grey paw print motif, yeah, Whatever. Bright orange travel dinner bowl - tsk - so 90s. Two....TWO....proper canine seatbelts. That would be one for Java and one for her nose. Not that Javas nose is, like, Big or anything.

And finally an Outward Hound designer water bottle carrier with fold out water bowl - good quality gear for the "should have had a baby" dog owner. Shrug.......but can Java get her big hooter in the Designer fold out water bowl....can she bark as like. How me and the geriatric dudess laughed. Laugh, we nearly mewed!! Eventually human got Javas snout into the designer foldy-out bowl but when Java looked up - she had it stuck on her snozzle. Me and my best dog friend ever That Lindsay howled with mirth.

In other news - humans went over to boglin birthday party yesterday, it was fun with a truly excellent pass the parcel, vegan jelly & icecream which impressed hippy, things on sticks and entertaining good company (waves to  baldrick  balsall_heathan  _eddy   zestyboi  and other LJers our humans are too hapless to remember correct names) 

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