kato age two

Fishy Update and Thankyou ScaryBex

Yesterday, we announced with great panic the discovery of a large goldfish in the brick water feature. He is a truly beautiful fish,  almost red rather than orange, about 5 maybe even 6 inches long, friendly enough to be touched and amazing that he has been there for 18 months with no food or attention. On 

scarybex  advice we have purchased him some food, got the debris out of the water and are looking to re-home him due to the cramped conditions. Although he has got this far without being cat lunch we will put something in place to protect him, no wonder the cats gather at the waters edge. Its doubtful we will have the large pond ready in time, it really needs draining and cleaning out properly but we don't want to disturb the tadpoles and frogs. But a work colleague has two fishless ponds with a proper pump - she is going to prepare fishys new home as fast as she can.
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