kato age two

Oh Yeah......

Happy Birthday balsall_heathan though its slightly late now.  Thankyou for a luvvly dinner. And a good laugh afterwards with dasuberdog and accomplices. (Note to dasuberdog  - don't forget to e-mail your snail mail address)

On unrelated note - humans smashed out the cloaks cupboard (its woodwormed and beyond repair)  today over at Triffid Central. And found a pair of opera binocular type things (working) and a small capsule containing wipes for the lens of gas masks!!  

Updated photos of the progress (!!!!!) of Triffid Central - the url wil be posted shortly as a locked friends only post for when your all truly bored furless. Friends who read this and aren't on friends list - drop us an e-mail (the url has changed slightly from last time)



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