kato age two

Abe is Secret Athlete!!

Humans discovered a canine secret today = That Abe in Not So UnFit Shocker! Doglets have being playing tug-o-war more frequently with each other. Spoiled by the fact that the Tug Toys are quite short so invariably our noses are very close. Nose-to-Nose at such short distance, its easy to misinterpret an innocent,play-bow as an intimidating dirty look. Which spoils the game as we invariably end up in a diplomatic situation of bared teeth and ugly insults. We expect you humans have the same problem.

So, ever helpful, our humans went directly to Pets At Home and purchased longer Tug Toys and huge lion size circular rope thing. These were cast onto the dining table still in their wrapper. We could all smell pet shop and were circling the table, curious what gifts we had been bought.

When *BOING* the Little Abe was on the table. One swift,flawless, bounce, like a kangaroo. No run up, no swinging off the furniture, no launching off the sofa or the Lindsay launch pad. Just *BOING* and she was up on the table, rummaging in the pet shop bag. Humans were so stunned they joined Lindsay and Java in holding up score cards for poise,agility and artistic content. We all rubbed our eyes, hatty managed to mutter "Offff" Abe got down, and then did it again, Backwards! Its not quite teleporting ala Lindsay, but it's very impressive.
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