Indeed, the real Hatty (capital and canine RIP) was dressed in a sock/dressing due to a nasty paw-rip thanks to the Lightwoods Park Teenage Cider Drinkers and their carefully discarded bottles. It lasted
Oooh, all of 20 nano-seconds.

Java & Lindsay are pretty easy going about posing for photo's in the odd hat or tea-towel, but shoes/bootys would probably be just taking the Biscuit. Never actually seen a dog with shoes on - but there must be a market for them.
Four dogs too many? Depends on you and the time you've got and how the others get on with them of course. But as an owner of many dogs already you're probably better placed than anyone to answer that.

As for coats and boots and that sort of thing, I'm of the belief that they're very silly unless there's a particular reason for them (such as the dog being easily susceptible to cold or whatever). There is a market for them, but I shall refrain from commenting on the sort of people it consists of...
Four Dogs - I think we are more prepared than most dog owners to weather out the storms, the pack battles, the destruction of possesions and property. Remember those dreadful Abe Vs Java scraps, bloody but I guess neccesary and natural. I have since learnt to be a better, more assertive Top Dog though. But I do wonder if having four dogs, Dog Four might not get the attention he/she needs in those early months.

Lindsay has coped well moving from 12 years of Lone Dog to Pack Dog. I marvel at how Lindsay and Abe have bonded.

Java certainly benefits from her time out with Boglin. Java rarely gets one-to-one human/dog interaction and seems so much more confident/obediant since Boglin is taking her out.

Some of the dogs on the dog forum have seperation issues and would probably settle better in a home where there is always company. But it would be dreadful to get it wrong and have to give an already rejected dog back. Perhaps a puppy would be a better installation, Abe would be jealous and meepy, but get over it.

When we move, our Sheffield friends will be coming to stay with their two dogs, that I think will be the test of how this pack will cope with new dogs on the block. The new house has space for the dogs not to be on top of each other and room to play / interact without us humans being on tenterhooks thinking they are about to start scrapping.

As for the shoes - Java says No Way - she is now a goth and its New Rocks or barepaw :-)
See answer above - Java has declared herself to be a Goth and wants New Rocks. Do you remember trying to get Hatty to keep her dressings on?