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We're Off to See the Wizard........

Perhaps not a wizard as such, but off to see the minister of the church next door to Triffid Central tomorrow. S'OK not to arrange any wedding type stuff. Builders popped round to deliver the message that the vicar had called in and asked we contact him to discuss the fact that our very large tree is growing under the church.

"How much are churches to replace?" pondered our humans with paler than usual faces.

One phone call later to Bill the Friendly Minister, who took time out from the Washing Ceremony to speak to our humans. Obvious relief that the tree is only pulling up the wall, not the entire church - nowt a bit of lopping can't sort out. Bill even offered to contribute to the cost and offered us storage space for our possessions if we need it whilst building /moving. Bill and his wife will be visiting tomorrow after their Good Friday gig. Nowt like a bit of being blessed before a night of munting.

boglin  visited to discuss holiday tactics with that Java. Java has been practising with her sleeping bag but Lindsay keeps throwing it round the room. Java probably flatdog into boglins sleeping bag anyway.

Builders cremated more 1860s floorboards today, the solemn service was attended by hippy, Builders, Derique the expectant Frog, the Robins, Mr & Mrs Knotweed & children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sisters & brothers, aunties & uncles, nieces & nephews, first, second, third and fourth Knotweed cousins, Mr Knotweeds second and third wife, Mr Knotweeds bit-on-the side and Mrs Knotweeds secret lovers.


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but all the knotweed is one girl!!!

genetically, its all the same plant. so it wouldnt really do to be having secret lovers, though it might be doing naughty things with itself behind your shed!!!
Tsk! Absent fathers! Cross dressing Japanese Knotweed. Becoming quite fond of it in a strange sort of way - it grows about an inch a day. We have to wait awhile before we can set about the first round of chemical warfare.
i must say i disapprove on principle of chemical warfare, esp against the little plants... but...

...its the only way to prevent the evil self shagging weed from the orient!!!