kato age two


Triffid Central has no floors so any persons wishing to visit for the next couple of days must have NVQ 4 in levitation. More cremation of ancient floorboards today, attended by hippy, the Builders, Derek the Frog, Mr & Mrs Knotweed & the Knotweed children, grandchildren, cousins and second cousins.

Java is planning her Canine 2.5 years to 6.4 (18-30) years holiday with that Boglin. Java is going out on the pull - and we ain't talking pulling on the lead here. Boglin perhaps needs to have a chat with Java about the type of holiday planned because Java's "to pack" list now includes several bottles of alcopops, some fake tan (orange) and a white lycra mini skirt.

Java has been browsing for her holiday wardrobe....


scroll down to the shades.......
You know - have thought - with all that frogspawn maybe it's actually Derique?