kato age two

The Psychic Hardware Shoppe

Rennovations are very much underway now at Triffid Central - if you stand in the cellar, there is no ceiling - you can't stand in either lounge as there are no floors. Restoring the original boards was sadly not an option. These floorboads have done a noble job since 1850 and were given a dignified cremation, attended by the builders, hippy, Derek the Frog, Mr & Mrs Knotweed and family. And in the background, the neighbour watching....

In other coincidences - opposite Triffid Central there is a small but psychic hardware shop. A tiny shop with tiny, wee display window. Whatever we think we might be needing - is always miraculously the centre display when we arrive. Adverts for Locksmiths, Brooms, Saws, Wheelbarrows, Torches. humans just have to think about it on the journey over and there it is at a reasonable price.
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