kato age two

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Discovered a strange bit of garden - it feels sort of hollow underfoot, about 6 by 2, the grass grows a different colour, different texture. The strange neighbour never did say what became of his wife........and all the time the Japanese Knotweed seems to be laughing at us.

hippy told us a joke yesterday
Real Madrid: 2 Surreal Madrid: fish

humans were too tired to go to to kazo, our man at the scene texted that it was going good. Pants! But its skanakadelic next friday, with aura room and happy people.
Kazoo was OK.

Now you're saying Skank is next Friday, thought it was the 9th?

Some collective blindspot to the date? Both of us has arsed it up now.
Blame hippy! The flyer here definitely says the 9th. Anything on next weekend then?
dawooberdog has not got a clue woss happening, despite it being her birfdy. have found out am working on saturday - so it looks like a quiet un. perhaps un curry type thing followed by sedate drinkies on saturday night? am saving proper celebrations for the 9th - go see shaun of the dead then skankadelic.. huzzah!