kato age two

Quantum Doglets

one millioneth radius of Lindsay atom x by speed of light x 1,000,000 to 0 degrees hatty x remaining Lindsay atoms

Or put another way - in the garden, hatty falls over Lindsay for the eleventy billionth time.

"KIN DOG! LINDSAY! WILL YOU STOP TELEPORTING?!! I know your getting old and creaky, but it really is bad manners. One day the wind wil change and your particles will stick wierdly strange. So no teleporting, theres a good dog."

At this point, hatty realises that the more sane of the neighbours is pegging out his washing. Lindsay has meanwhile teleported elsewhere.
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Him next door up the hill Bearwood. Usually they run indoors whenever the Collective are outside. Can't think why, doglets just wave and shout "Yo!" though to the untrained ear it might sound like psychotic snarling.