kato age two

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Lindsays phenobarbitone has been further reduced - but any upsurge in energy is probably tempered somewhat by her elderly years. Lindsay loves going to the vets - loves the bright lights, the shiny floor, the smell of disinfectant in her nostrils as she takes the stage. This evenings visit was made all the more fun by there being two ferrets in the waiting room. Lindsay went for a curious look in the carrying box expecting to find a cat (Looby actually likes cats - Fact!) and was amazed at the fluffy creatures inside. Took a step back to ponder what they might be and then stood mesmorised watching them.

"Awww! Want One" she woofled "Gwan hippy! Put one down your trousers!"

Vet checked her eyes and announced that she can indeed see but probably can't read the newspaper anymore.

Abe sulked while Looby was away. Java yawned like Bagpuss "Wheres drooler gone then?" before going back to sleep.
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