kato age two

Am I BoVvered?

Do I look Bovvered? That Java is Boglins Wife now. Going on holiday together and everything. I found Java's list

2 cans of winalot
2 portions mixer
6 bonios
12 friskies circles
small packet of dog chocs
plastic holiday bowl
throwy thing
paw towel
day and evening wear collars
short and long leads
sleeping roll
pocket money

Do you think I'm Bovvered? Though me and Looby could have the last laugh here as hatty is pondering whether Java needs to take a cardigan! Good thing hatty can't do polls - "Does Java need a cardigan?" doesn't exactly portray the image of sassy, canine cool to her camping companions.

Lindsays off to the vet tonight - MOT - more discussion on the detox and some concerns that her back axle gives out occaisionally. Not that Lindsay is bovvered by the occaisional brake failure or axle collapse.
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oooh.. i get the feeling someone else has discovered the catherine tate show too.. am i right? (or just weird?) (or both?)..

i wish i'd kept my knitting machine - i'd be all up for making a doggy cardie..