kato age two

Envy and Distractions

Whenever the humans are trying to teach me stuff, even useful stuff like not playing with traffic or how to open the Food Mountain cupboard, That Abe just distracts me. The Despot Abe will either do a Cat Alert Howl, feign terminal illness or mince past with the tastiest (as in - my) smoked bone in her mush. Or humans say "Lie Down" and that Abe shouts "Don't do it, its a trap!!" Anything to distract me and focus the attention on herself. And I fall for it every time. Abe says obediance is for Jessies, but she's the first to sit, stay, lie down, roll over, fetch and mungry dance when theres snacks being paid out.

However, I could have the last laugh here. As I am deemed far too embaressing and chaotic for dog training classes, the humans are considering taking me, and JUST me!,in the car for special sessions in a far off park, and maybe to a pub.

Humans are going to look at a house tomorrow in wolves. Sounds a bit scary. Its a complete wreck and only an insane person would buy it. Next door to a church - don't humans bury their bones in churches? Unlike us sensible doglets who bury them down the back of the sofa.

Gothic Dogsitters Inc have confirmed they can stay with us whilst humans are at the Bulldog. Life is sweet.

Java the Distractable
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