kato age two

As If By Magic.....

the Neighbour appeared
( just like the shopkeeper appeared in Mr Benn http://www.mrbenn.co.uk/main.html ).
Out in the garden you suddenly become aware of a presence - and wonder how long he has been stood there, watching, making notes, working out how he can be invited for Christmas dinner.....why did the previous owners leave such a lovely house? They had another house, it was vacant possession, so money obviously wasn't the issue.......

This "appearing" skill was something we thought only Lindsay possessed - teleporting round the place like its going out of fashion. The neighbour is elderly & very alone, he had problems with our predecessors - "15 hours of endless thump thump thump music and wierd people sitting round bonfires"
"Ye Gods!" remarked our humans "Thats outrageous!" In a tone so outraged that one would think that the Collective enjoy nowt better than a gentle String Quartet on a Sunday afternoon.
"Your not Local are you?" said the shopkee.....neighbour

In other sci-fi related news, Triffid Central aka the New House has almost been rewired. Floorboards and small mountains of plaster are strewn everywhere. The clocks probably strike 13 in Triffid Central and a mysterious door will appear in the old garden wall.
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