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Japanese Knotweed


humans distressed at the discovery of this Bamboo Impersonating, Weed of Doom in our new garden. Our suggestions for erradication have included a medium nuclear accident, adopting a panda (who smokes and won't notice its a bit tart compared to regular bamboo) or Lindsay Piddle. Apparently JK rips up tarmac / houses / continents and will just snicker at the ferns and carrots that humans intend to cultivate, before mashing them to nowt but Knotweed Fodder.

Rice pudding for tea - delayed partyness for the Old Doodess turning 13 - fanbarkintastic. Java got some rice pudding on her forehead and spent the evening being mystified by how attractive she had become to the rest of the Collective.
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I'm surprised that a surveyor didn't spot knotweed infestation. They _should_ note it.

IMHE, it's easy to deal with. It's mainly a problem under thin tarmac or concrete (carparks) where it travels a long way underground, where you can't get at it. If it's in a garden with open soil, then just go for Better Living Through Chemistry. Get yourself a "Weed Wiper" (or similar gadget) which is just a "wick on a stick" and a bottle of glyphosate (Roundup does nicely). Now go to work. Don't apply it over-concentrated - you might even over-dilute it a bit. You're trying for a real systemic effect - let the stuff travel through the plant before it kills it. Then repeat the extermination at regular intervals, as soon as it shows new fully-developed leaves.

Alternatively, put some cuttings in a pot and send them to me - I can kill any parent plant by sympathetic action, I'm that bad with houseplants.

Cheers for the info though a search for weed wiper brought me to this


:-) Can't see prayer working for us though - maybe we should ask the church next door

We're going to have to fence off that bit of garden to keep the doglets off whilst chemical warfare commences. It may be a long battle - we were going to demolish the buildings that the JK was hiding behind but perhaps better wait awhile - from what I read - disturbing the terrain can just make it worse.

Surveyor didn't comment on it - and we had the full on survey due to buying such a "project for the enthusiastic rennovater" - Surveyor too distracted by the weavils I guess.

That alien invader
JK can be real nasty, have even heard the sainted Bo Flowerdew waver about using chemicals. It was covered on BBC4 prog on Sun after GQT- someting like Alien Invaders. They said try the rest of the time, but most important time to blitz with chemical is autumn when nutrients being taken from leaves down into roots for overwintering and so maximum poisen gets taken down too.
Re: That alien invader
Our extensive research leads us to surmise that we should.....sell up. Heh! We doglets are not so easily beaten by some wannabe exotic plant. Anyway, obsessive compulsive daily hammering with blunt object is right up hippys street. This is the hippy who is spending 15 minutes per day digging the moat/\/\/\java-proof trench around our kingdom. hatty posing in garden with large syringe of Round-Up snickering Mu Ha Ha with an evil glint in her Dr Death eyes.

Oh yes - I am the shipman of the knotweed world. Hasta La Vista Weedy.

Weed of Doom! - we throw our vegan gardening gauntlet at your feet/roots - let the battle commence.

Anyway - how did you reply as an LJ user and then not have an LJ?
Re: That alien invader
I don't know, because I didn't change the button to anonymous? 'cos I'm not.

There's a lot to be said for flame guns - weeds shrivel in terror if approached by a lit flame gun. And burning things is fun.