kato age two

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Lindsay was 13 yesterday tho hippy forgot to open the rice pudding that was meant for our party desert.

We have been watching Crufts in all its pedigree glamour. You gotta feel sorry for them really. Our "owners" may be a pair of Scruff Puppets but don't mind about how perfect our poise and gait isn't. The collie that refused to play flyball and legged off into the audience with the ball, mungry dancing away from his tearful and humiliated owner. Whoop Whoop! Respect That Canine!

And those names.....of course we have longer versions of our names too, but nothing like Colon Evacuation Tinker SpaceStation (known as Pootsy for short) or The Fifth Earl of Vaguely Cranberry Shambolic (known as Keith)

Cute Baby Abe of Pies
Lindsay Looby Doris of Clouds
The Baby Java Big Nose of Sticks
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