Its Not Big, Clever or Zen

Thanks to godgirl  and scarybex for bringing our attention to this

Made us doglets feel a bit queasy. Even if from our persepctive it is a convincing argument to be pro-flea and anti-bath. We doglets are happy to be worn by most humans as Gothic Dogsitters Inc will testify -as a lovely feet warmer (Lindsay), a fashionable drape for a lap (Abe), even a slinky off  the shoulder number (Java) and we don't feel we need to be, like, Dead, to add that certain snazzy something to any outfit.

In other news - Lindsay has been a bit under the weather. Torn out a back left claw and been a bit spacey. Possibly the detox from the phenobarb. Like Father Jack in that episode where he sobers up.

"Floor................Basket...........Collar.............. Arggh.......Still Living with that Feckin Hippy!!!"




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Aw! Hope Lindsay-dog feels better soon, poor little thing!
And yes, that is very disturbing...