kato age two

Blood And Roses

humans spent yesterday "on site" with the "project manager" discussing, sorry, designing "phase one"

Today they spent dessimating (sp?) - decimating (making decimal?) - dessecrating - (well there is a church next door) - clipping rose bushes and foliage to clear a path to huge composter.

In other slightly garden related news:
hatty: Lindsay, don't pee on that lovely fern.
Lindsay: Why not? You pee in my waterbowl
hatty (aghast): I do not pee so in your waterbowl!
Lindsay: You do so, my big one in the bathroom
Come Soon!

Best to come in daylight to be able to see garden, so anytime other than wednesday or saturday daytime.
How about Thursday afternoon? Finish teaching at 1.30, so could be over in Wolves by 3-ish?
OK - I could grab a lift or meet you there? I am at work till 2 - I will e-mail you the address and map thingy.
Probably best if I pick you up from yours - say about 3? That would give me time to finish up here, and then I wouldn't need to try and find it myself!
That would be great, give me chance to let the dogs out. See you soon then! :-)
Ack! Have been trying to get in touch with you about this, but no luck! Will keep trying...