kato age two

Java 1 Abe 0

Java and Abe had a rare punch-up after dinner. Over my leftovers, rightfully Java's as she is Top Dog. Abe really needs to read one of these dog psychology books - she has no idea of pack ettiquette. Humans pulled them apart. No injuries. Humans now fretting, reading dog psychology books whilst Abe and Java sleep entwined in blissful dogsisterhood.

We applied to Gothic Dogsitters Inc. this week, to come and party with us while humans are away at Bulldog Bash. Paws crossed.

Barry White has died, sad news indeed, I modeled my more seductive bark style on his barotone rumbles. I find using my Barry White style whilst thrusting a wet nose in a groin, always gets a laugh. And laughs equal biscuits.

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