kato age two

London Sinfonia at Symphony Hall

That London Sinfonia are alright.....but you wouldn't want them as neighbours. Too blimmin many of them for starters and it wasn't exactly classical for beginners. Mendelssohn, too stoppy/starty with wierdy bits, (heh! bit like compli-techno) nice trancey buildups & breakdowns but plippy bass end that never really kicked off.

The audience are so old - classical must be like sprouts - you get to like it as you get older.

But no wonder classical can't attract a younger audience - its so starchy, so still, the audience just sits motionless. Being with older people who are less inhibited, due to various degrees of brain failure, they reacted to the music, a little bit of conducting, a gentle hum, a happy sigh, tapping of fingers, singing quietly along (admittedly in english to the german words) - and did they get glared at. It was so still and lacking in emotion, any emotion. hattys companions, average age of 85 - just stopped short of shouting "Sinfonia - Lets 'Ave Yer" but they had a good un and will sleep well tonight.

We doglets on the other hand are digging out our PIL albums.
Ah - now I always find the emotion is inside. You sit entranced - the outside physicality becoming meaningless, and all there is is this beautiful fucking *noise* that buries itself into your soul, like waves inside your head, until there's nothing but you and the sound, there must be nothing but what you can hear and that that makes it. But maybe that's just me...
It was probably not the best First Thing to go to :-) Never been to proper classical before. I thought I might drop off having had such a stressful, sleepless 24 hours but I was engaged throughout. Rezzies really enjoyed it - and not all of them big classical fans (more cliff and engle). Though the two classical fans were really into it - absorbed but responding.

I remember feeling the way you describe hearing (hearing? experiencing) The Swans (in their Raping a Slave era) for the first time. Feeling stunned. Diamanda Galas had a similar effect.