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No Keys Today. Humans went and sat sadly outside house in the rain. Willing mobiles to ring but just hattys colleagues rang and sang barbershop happy birthdays.

The Keys are "likely" tomorrow. Mortgage is waiting to pour into the vendors bank account. Humans pondered collecting vendors solicitor and taking him/her, a biro and the signatureless papers to vendors house.

Jeepers - its a long, long way down to Disappointment City from here - what if vendor has had a change of heart? He'll get a good shoeing thats for sure.
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Bugger. Not the birthday present you'd been hoping for :(

Fingers crossed things work out tomorrow.

You should invite Hatchet up for a couple of days...
"You should invite Hatchet up for a couple of days..."

Of course! Who needs silly keys? Although the random thought "your only spose to blow the bloody door off" has just popped into my head.

We are assured its all fine and we will be putting our feet through those rotting floorboards tomorrow. Though hippy was musing whether staircases are classed as part of the house, and it was the only thing really brand new.......gotta stop fretting :-)

im planning on staying my age permanently!!

no big parties, but then again i have too much stuff, and presents can be so... space consu,ing!!!