kato age two

All Your Abes Are Belong To Us

Ate oh four pee em. Aaaabe is in the garden. Lindsaay has been sleeping for seventeen hours. Jah-ver has been in the Diary Room talking to an empty food bowl for twenty minutes. Humans are watching far too much BB - its just a flatshare with cameras damnit.

Humans are doing the monging aimlessly thing this weekend - no clubbing - not even a nearby outdoor thingy as everyone thinks everyone is at Glastonbury. So today we got new toys, a blue ball on a blue rope, an oversized pink tennis ball and a new green/black/white throwy thing. Humans threw them round the newly recreation-spaced garden and shouted Fetch, repeatedly, we stared blankly at them.
Eventually, Java carefully collected them up and took them back indoors to hide, one by one. Humans were pleased (and distracted) at this cuteness. Awww, Java of Tidy, they simpered.

Abe was doing spinny bot-bot toboganning manoeurvre - she is so going to the vets for an anal probe this week.

- Java & Lindsay