kato age two

Human Watching

Human has wasted an entire day - our output in daylight hours is pretty slothlike but look at this for non-achievement. Since waking up this morning....

essays written = nil
sleeping = nil
chasing imaginary cats = nil
chasing real cats = nil
postmen deterred = nil
hunting shadows = nil
thoughts = three and only one involved food so two don't count (ciggies and tea towels)
times died in Divine Divinity = several

In comparison, we doglets have chased many real and unreal cats (even whilst sleeping), hunted many shadows including our own, we have napped exetensively, thought deeply about food stuffs, deterred several postmen and other potential invaders and not died once in Divine Divinity. Oh, and Lindsays just putting the final touches on her long awaited collection of essays "My Hippy and Other Humans"