kato age two

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Snow doesn't stick to Java, which makes her a witch or something.  Abe has a smattering of snow - Lindsay is one big canine snowball. Just 15 minutes outside and Lindsay was enveloped - not that she's noticed with that big fur on.  Lindsay cunningly waiting to thaw before she does one big all over shake - reckon that'll be around 4am when humans are sleeping, unaware of the sleetfest to be unleashed. 

 boglin came to visit and bought us gifts - comedy sausages, squeaker chew toy and immense Tin of Biscuits. Humans eyeing up Tin - they seem to think it would be like such a laugh to teef our Biscuit Shaped Tin and use it for human biscuits in the future. Yeah, like they ever buy any biscuits.

Abe was torn between her Dinner and fussing boglin  - Abe managed to wolf it down, but no time for digestion - gotta get back to fussing boglin before the Slinky Java and the Wheedly Lindsay  push in on the hugs, tummy rubs and human cheek/dog forehead caresses.

Abe, spendidly, chucked it all over the stairs after boglin left. Huge, delicious steaming sphere of softened, swollen mixer with demi-digested meat. Yummy!  Abe stomach-shaped demi-digested food is so the best cuisine ever. But the damn humans squeaked "Icky Poo" and cleaned it up!!!!!  Never mind - theres a whole garden of snow to be eaten - and some of its yellow. Yay!


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