kato age two

Canine Mathematics

humans went and paw printed house documents today, and a cheque with far too many noughts on it handed over. Completion date is set for hattys birthday - and probably at least one of our birthdays as we have 7 per year, and theres 3 of us, plus Lindsay gets one extra for being the Queen (humour her - shes in detox) and humans add on extra ones for the dates we came to live with them. And Java gets Christmas day due to some wierdness. Thats 27 birthdays.

Lindsays phenabarb has been reduced again - tho she reckons she never was epileptic it was just a misunderstood, party trick.
yay house! have not heard much about new house from doggy perspective.. is it more country than the current pad?
Its about time someone asked us doglets our opinion.......its very close to wolves city centre but has a big garden. Near to dog friendly pub.
ace. beer, new city smells and garden to appreciate the sun in, i may have to pay you all a visit.. mebbe when is a bit warmer.. =0)
I've noticed that there are twice as many pills to suck up now although they're smaller and don't seem to be as strong. :-(
Anyway, Hippy tells me I'll be off to Silicon Heaven any day now, where I'll be able to suck up as much dust, broken squeaky toys, dog hair and half sucked phenobarbitone tablets as I want; not that there was any shortage here.
So we now have talking household appliances who make Red Dwarf referances. Anyway, hoover, think how bored and ignored you would be if you lived in a regular household.
Yeah, just dust, the odd pea and locked away in a cupboard not able to see the TV. Who tells them about silicon heaven? I ask.