frodi curious


Made a list of things while we searched for a dog

Not black & orange as it would remind us too much of kato / Not a puppy / Female

So here’s Seren, and she’s 8


But she is female.

And not a collie so there’s something.

Papa Frodi bemused but fine.

P1090538 seren.jpg

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sheff_dogs, not sure why I'm being logged as anonymous ...
Awwwww, had to call the big man down from upstairs to admire Seren. He says 'Awwww, looks shepherdish ... big paws'. She looks lovely, and yes I can see why he says shepherdish, but I'm betting she's either a rottie or a cross of the two.
The plans do go out of the window somewhat don't they? :)

I am currently trying to avoid getting talked into fostering a Neapolitan mastiff puppy...