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Missing Kato

Throughout Kato illness we did the bargaining thing. One more Christmas (we got two), one more Landmark with people she feels content with (Martello Tower with J &S), one more summer, one more walk with people she adores (thanks G & J) one more visit from P&B so she could chew P’s beard (we had several), one more science defying back from the brink (she did a few) and she saw me through my cancer.

But at the end, it comes down to one more day, one more hour, just five more minutes. What I wouldn’t give to just rest my face on her soft head and inhale that wonderful, warm smell of Kato. Kato never grew up, the eternal puppy, so it feels like she went too soon and we have to remind ourselves that she was 12.5

Losing her has left a huge gap, the house feels too big and the future feels strange.

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