kato age two

The Lost Weekend

Our humans are quiet and subdued - and so they should be - they crawled back in smelling of biatch, the unmistakeable aroma of having been up close and personal with dogs that are not Canine Feminist Collective. Those tarts from Sheffield we suspect - though we possibly wouldn't say that to Jaz face. Lindsay reckons she would, but then we have never believed those stories of how she got Jaz in a headlock and made her mew.

Humans spent their weekend shuffling about to hippy psytrance at Stereo Chemistrys rather wonderful opening party at Subway with the Derby Two.  Then shuffled not quite as energetically at Planet Zogg with the Moseley One. We spent our weekend being cared for properly by Gothic Dogsitters Inc. -  proper canine care equals cider, pizza and garlic bread. GDI were chilling mainly and teaching us Doglets drinking games. Java made a fool of herself trying to get slinky with Andy - pinning audreyygurrrll   and eddy_  to the sofa in her clumsy attempt to invite him back to her basket.

In other news - humans sign papers on Friday for new house. In typical human style they are panicing, breaking out in hives, cold sweats and hyperventilating.  Theres a rumour that Jaz and Penny (aka Sheffield biatches) are coming to stay when we move. Lock Up Your Bonios!!


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Java wasn't as bad as Lindsay- she snuggled up with me and took over most of the bed while eddy fell asleep downstairs!