frodi resting

Frodi - Extra Bit of Dog

We were grooming Boy Dog, who for once, didn’t snatch the brush and run behind pond with it. We found a lump, similar to the benign ones Froodle had removed a couple of years back. This one is a lot bigger but not annoying him. Neither Nurse Kato or Frodi show any interest in the lump.

At the vets, Frodi had his Snooter box on, being sang to at the nose end (He’s A Good Boy to the tune of Waterloo by Abba) while vet examined the lump. We decided against any further action unless the lump starts to worry him. He’s nearly 13 and elderly, surgery might do him more harm & distress than the lump itself. If we hadn’t been so intrusive with our invasive brushing, we wouldn’t even know, as the Anti-Oppressive Brushing Lobby pointed out.

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