kato age two

Hypochondria Here She Comes.......

In view of sky high Blood Pressure problem - hatty human has purchased a BP monitor. This can only lead to hypochondria to the nth degree. Like reading a Medical Encyclopedia - by the letter D, humans are writing wills and selecting funeral tunes. Though Medical Encylcopedia syndrome can get scary when the book of chose is An Introduction to Psychopathology.  "Oh No - the dogs demonically possessed!"  Truth, illusion or delusion......

We are scheduled in for more animal experiments this afternoon - involving

  •  upturned bucket and a biscuit
  •  upturned bucket with no biscuit.

There doesn't seem to be a category for biscuit with no upturned bucket - which in our view makes the experiment deeply flawed.  How ever will we contain our excitement? Disappointing lack of protestors outside our house to save us from this torture. Dogs can die of boredom and humiliation.

tawdryfilth and  eddy_  aka Gothic Dogsittes Incorporated will be here Satdee to have their tummys rubbed and noses tweaked. Excellent. Humans are off to psytrance thingy on Fridee and Zogg on Satdee.