kato eye

Kato Walk - Hipster Bins

The entire cast of Wind in the Willows neighbour hipsters were all cardiganed up, bearding around their bins.

“Brown bin only tomorrow” I said wisely, though they never actually take their bins in. Bin Mavericks – probably some obscure hipster band I’ve never heard. I felt Kato prickling at the end of the lead as she went through her Friends List. Canine Brain compared the hipster to the ten people on her friends list.

There was a click and a whirr from inside Canine Deep Thought as she hovered over her three Simons. She moved on remembering none of her Simons have ever been seen in a genuine Dad cardigan with fake leather elbow patches.

A hipster raised his hand.

“He’s Got A Gun!” yelped Kato and engaged full doing it in her pants defensive. Her spine fur stegosaurus style as if she had been electrocuted “Oops, my bad, kebab tray”

“Sorry” I said “Take no notice of her, so it’s brown bin when you’re in any doubt and with the grey bin, I find if I crush my boxes...Ouch Kato! Sorry, she must really need the loo”

Kato pulled impatiently at the lead.

“That wasn’t nice Kato” I said “Are you really so desperate to poo?”

“Saving you from yourself, striking up conversations about bins with people under the age of 25” said Kato