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Kato Walk - Park Life

The park was empty. Just one lady with a shriek of small yappy type dogs and an elderly couple sat on a park bench.

To avoid Miss Lovelace from Trumpton and her squawk of designer dogs, we walked quite close to the elderly couple. The man was smoking a roll-up, the lady was reading a magazine.

“What’s that smell?” asked Kato stopping to sniff the air and turning her gaze on the elderly couple “Is it wee?”

“No Kato” I said and gave the elderly couple a friendly smile. I can’t pull Kato’s lead very hard as when Kato is concentrating on A Thought, Kato forgets Balance Thought and will do a dramatic England footballer collapse.

“So what is it?” Kato still being the Bisto Kid whilst staring at the elderly couple “Is it food?”

“No, just...just walk on Kato”

“Oh My Dog, is it like the napalm you wash my Mary with!!”

I looked back over my shoulder as Elderly Person A passed the roll up to Elderly Person B.

“That Kato, is the smell of skunk weed” 

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