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Kato Walk - The Freelancers

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy a few weeks ago and my recovery is frustratingly slow. Kato Walk has been contracted out to freelancers. Frodi happiness is not affected if he doesn’t walk. Kato gets miserable cabin fever if she doesn’t get out every 2-3 days. There are very few people that Kato knows / trusts well enough to be at the other end of the lead. Kato isn’t nasty but shyness makes her stubborn. It has to be someone she has recognition for and is permitted to touch the royal head and issue the royal commands.

Kato view is that this contracted out walking arrangement has worked out most agreeable. Every time the door goes she thinks it’s either G or J, come to take her out.
"Oh" said Kato trying not to look disappointed when I appeared with the lead, looking round me to see if G or J had managed to arrive without her launching herself at them. You know who your friends are when they still come back after being pinned to the floor by 35kg excited dog.

Our usual bread & butter walk is round the local streets but the danger is that we might meet a feline infidel. I’m pretty sore and would have to let go of the lead if Kato did even one of her most half-hearted lunges and she could end up in a busy road.

We had a lift to the park and set off, my goal was Cricket Poo Bin and back, less than 0.4 mile .We reached the poo bin and I had to sit down. I burst into tears and hugged Kato.

One cancer survivor hugging another.

“Sorry it’s so short” I sniffed into her fur

“S’ok” said Kato and stuck her cold wet nose in my eye then licked my face “You taste like crisps”

“We should head back” I said wiping my face with my sleeve

“I’ll do you another poo” said Kato “Always a comfort”

Hugs to both of you. Been wondering how you were getting on sorry it's all still slow.
Well, hippy has been put in charge of phoning / texting you to let you know when we are in Chester but is being completely hopeless at it.
Mmm tastes like crispses.

Seriously though, glad you are up to being out and about, even if very sore, and hope your recovery keeps going well. There's a book I have bought for a couple of people and hear it's useful called the Cancer Survivors Companion - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cancer-Survivors-Companion-Practical-feelings/dp/0749954906?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc - I haven't read it, but if you would like a copy let me know your address and I will send you one.