kato age two

Kato Walk - Songs of Praise

Kato was off-lead until I spotted an off-lead Staffordshire Terrorist. The Staffy seemed fully engaged trying to bury his own head.

Dog Law is that both owners put their dogs on lead until diplomacy with full peace treaty has been established. Not shouting “Don’t worry he’s only playing” as the recipient of the “only playing” may not interpret it as such and instigate defensive manoeuvres. Global Wars have kicked off for lesser misunderstandings
Staffy owner gave me the dog owners secret nod –  and called Drac. I called Kato. Drac ignored his owner. I don’t expect Kato to come on the first call, stepped backwards and nearly fell over her.
“You rang” said Kato wiping her paws
Drac was now running rings around his owner. I however, walked tall and proud with my perfectly trained obedient dog. Kato, however, seemed to have gone into a rock solid Sit Stay which ruined the effect.

“What?” I looked down at her “Oh, you want praise, sorry, who’s a good girl then, clever baby puppy wuppy coming back to mummikins so quick, she’s such a good girly wirly”
I gave Kato a Big Head Ruffle, a Chest Rub and a Sides Wobble.
“Jesus Canine Christ” muttered Kato screwing up her eyes as I went in for another Sides Wobble