kato age two

Kato Walk- 50 Shades of Poo

“Stop staring! Putting me off” scowled Kato

“You so funny when you poo” I laughed “You look like a frog-with-rickets”

I carried on walking. Kato caught me up.

“I’ve pooed” she said scraping her paws to clean them.
"Where? Ohhh...Kato!"

Kato smirked in the direction of some vicious brambles and nettles, then sat watching as I delicately bagged up.

“Ow...ffs, damn nettles” I grumbled “Talk about a double bagger...ewww...what you been eating anyway?”

“That’s not mine” said Kato and glanced towards a perfectly delivered tidy poo on some friendly flat grass