kato age two

When Frodi Met Kato

We ran out of Kato Incurin tablets aka pissy pants pills. One of the potential side effects of Incurin according to the leaflet is INCREASED ATTRACTIVENESS (leaflet uses caps). Hippy maintains this is not scientifically feasible as the Pretty Sweetness has optimal prettiness. I always thought it meant magnetic attractiveness causing incalculable electrical interference and havoc. Magnetic Kato upsetting compasses and tellys, leaving a trail of crashed satellites and wiped hard drives in her wake.

Frodi has always found his feelings for Kato confusing. On the one paw he is besotted with her but on the other three paws, he sees her as one of the lads. Romantic Frodi brings pond weed bouquets and serenades Kato with “the noise”. Best Mate Frodi likes wrestling with Kato and concedes that, for a girl, she has a remarkable left hook. If Kato and Frodi were a Rom-Com, Frodi would be the geeky man racing to the airport to shout his love to Kato as she went through check-in. But would she turn back?

We need to be sure the Incurin is for Kato’s benefit and not for us being house-proud. A lot of our house is tiled and we‘ve bought rubber backed mats for Kato Spaces. We wash Kato’s sleeping bag daily and have forgotten what colour the sofa is as it’s buried under a million pink wet bed protectors. Vet opinion is she could get sore from urine burns so we stick with the meds.

By DAY FOUR of no pissy-pants pills, zero satellites landed in the garden but no decrease in her prettiness. Frodi seemed as devoted as ever. She did smell of wee though.

Meena had Spay Incontinence for the last few years of her life we used a herbal remedy that was recommended to us.... it looked and smelled like grass clippings but it worked very well indeed.....