kato smile

Kato Walk - My Name Is....

“Dogsky!!” it was KGB cat sat on top of a gate post.

“Yo KG how’s it goin’ my main man cat bredren” said Kato

“Did I see you mewing to Da filth last week?” enquired KGB Cat

“Just helping out with enquiries” said Kato glancing over her shoulder at KGB Cat. Kato can just about cope now with close proximity to KGB Cat but avoids full on eye contact.

“Oh look Kato, he’s got a new ID tag” I inspected the ID tag as KGB cat purred rubbing his head in my hand “Awwww, his names...Pepper”

KGB cat immediately stopped purring and gave me a filthy look.
"Just Pepper?" asked Kato "No second name like me?"
"You haven't really got a second name, except at the vets" I replied
"Isn't my surname Microchipped?" she asked