kato age two

Kato Walk - The Lost Poodle

A distressed posh lady in the park said she had lost her poodle puppy near the cricket pavilion. She indicated with her hands something about the size of a CD case.
When Kato was at school they did sniffing retrieve lessons. A hanky was sniffed, hidden and then the dogs went to locate it. In an alternate universe, Kato would deeply inhale the poodle puppies lead, raise a wise snooter to the wind and catch the whispers on the breeze. Kato would focus, tuning in with her ancestral canine earth spirits to find the lost puppy. Kato would have her nose to the earth, occasionally raising her head then back to the trail. I imagined Kato getting a rosette and being on the front of the local paper as the hero of the hour. But Kato wasn’t very good at sniffing retrieve lessons, she would head off into the long grass but then have to be retrieved herself. She always got distracted by one blade of grass that looked a bit like Elvis or something.

We did, with all the other dog walkers, have a good search for the lost puppy. My money was on the manic young weimarner who was covering several square metres. The poodle puppy hadn’t been found by the time we finished our walk. L
This is yours
Barnum (In his younger days and by that I mean utterly manic and out of control) 'retrieved' next doors mini yorkie just as it was about to crap at the bottom of our garden he picked the confused beastie up and spat it slobber covered into the next door ladies lap (she was sitting sunning herself on her patio , trying not to notice her dog was crapping in out garden, but a privet hedge is no obstacle to a young pointer).. the poor creature was never the same again...and certainly not after our cat tried to pull it under the fence by the top of its head....