kato age two

Kato Walk - DFS

Kato walk be like DFS. It’s new sofa season. We passed four discarded sofas. Kato was drawn to a lavish looking plum sofa. Part of its bed mechanism  was sticking through the cushions surrounded by an ominous stain. Death by sofa bed, we’ve all been there. I’ve never been stabbed by our sofa bed but I have nearly been crushed by its “snap in place” kung fu mechanics. Our two old blue sofas including the homicidal snap dragon sofa will also soon be released into the wilds to await capture by the council.

KGB cat was sat on the back of a beige leather sofa.

“Still wearing his festive Christmas collar” I remarked to Kato “That’s bad luck after the 6th of Jan”

“You want to see me with ladders” smirked KBG cat

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Sofas, peacefully dwelling in their natural wild habitat, should be left alone. The Council Sofa Catchers are barbarians.