kato age two

Kato Walk - The Prescription

“Right” I said “I’m going to drop this prescription into the doctors and leave you tied up here behind this tree, I’ll be 1 minute tops”

“One whole minute, that’s a lifetime” Kato looked at me, I could see the forlorn realisation in her eyes that I really was about to dessert her.

“You can see me through the window” I said trying to hold back my own emotions “There is no need to panic”

“Why can’t I come in the shop?” Kato asked sadly, straining at the lead trying to follow “I will be good...please don’t leave me”

“It’s not a shop, it’s like a vets for humans” I said welling up “Just sit nice, remember sit stay from school, don’t growl at anyone, just sit stay...one minute....you’ll be fine...”

“Don’t” said Kato melting my heart with her deep brown wounded eyes. I could hear that gentle canine heart snapping as her beloved human cruelly abandoned her. Years of trust crumbling away, she thought I loved her but here I was callously walking away.
"Kato, really, you're fine" I said sniffing

“DON’T” she whimpered louder

“I love you Kato" I mouthed at her, blowing her a kiss but then “Ouch!..Ah...fk...damn tree”

DON’T walk backwards” said Kato “Was trying to warn but...”

“You know what Kato” I said as I untied her “hippy can drop the prescription off later”

“Bet that smarted” said Kato as we headed home

“Yeah” I agreed