kato age two

Kato Walk – The L Plate Killer

A car was slowly trailing us. I turned and it drove past. It reappeared slowly kerb crawling behind us.

I tightened Kato lead to the “trained killer” lead style pose. I noted that is was a Driving School type car and assumed they were doing the 3 point dog walker stalking manoeuvre.

“Bab” came a husky man’s voice “Don’t be scared”

Was I about to become a victim of a Driving Instructor Serial Killer? I looked at a very dishevelled looking older man and a less dishevelled looking young man in the driving seat.

“Come here boy” he said to Kato

I wondered if Kato would growl at the make-up assistant when this was re-enacted on Crimewatch. I would be found at the side of the road with a L-Plate propped up against me. Would murdering a dog walker be instant ban or just points on the licence? Kato would single out an innocent man in the police line-up because he had a Bonio in his pocket. This was how the L Plate murderer was getting away with it, the real killer slips a Bonio into the pocket and...and he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Private Investigator Kato and her world weary side kick...

“Just looking at your dog” he said “He’s beautiful”

“Yes, bit nervous of strangers” I said with polite menace

“Just lost our dog, looked just like your dog, still upsets me” said the driving instructor

I was busy memorising the phone number on the top of the learner car. The instructor put his hand out of the window. The traitor Kato sniffed his fingers and accepted a gentle stroke of her nose.

“Just like him from the back, thought it was him, he was a collie”

“Wut?” said Kato “Did he just mis-breed me to like that nutless sheep botherer I have the misfortune to share pack space with?”

“Dad was a Rottweiler” I said

“And my Mother was an elderberry” smirked Kato

“Mum was German Shepherd cross collie” I continued

“We don’t speak of that quarter of the family” muttered Kato and inhaled the man’s sleeve.

We talked about dogs being part of the family, the terrible gap when they go. He told me of the new Rescue Dog, another collie.

“Well” I said “Must let you get on, taking up the young man’s driving lesson time”

The “instructor” looked puzzled and then said “Oh, he don’t mind”

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