kato age two

Kato Walk - KGB Cat

“Just walk past it Kato” I said “It’s not going to do anything to you”

“Just remembered I didn’t wipe my paws properly back on the field” said Kato pulling backwards

“Kato, it cat, you dog. You fearless hunter descended from wolves”

“It cat!” said the cat “It?!”

“Now you’ve offended it” tutted Kato and sat down on the pavement.

“Kato you are at least 16 times heavier, have paws like sledge hammers and huge razor-sharp teeth”

“Poison dart shot from a Russian cat’s claw!” said Kato

“Umbrella Kato, not a cat, an umbrella. And I doubt this cat works for the KGB”

“I might” said the cat

“Keep out of it you, it’s bad enough having a talking wuss of a dog” I grumbled “Now come on Kato, be brave, you big scaredy cat...sorry, no offence”

“Laters dogsky” said KGB cat

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