kato age two

Kato Walk - Cats and Lists

On our walk we encounter cats but none of them adhere to cat-dog interaction lore. Whether this is a reflection on Kato I’m not sure. Universally approved dog / cat interface protocol is

(1)Dog Barks- 15 second warning

(2)Dog Does Cartoon manoeuvre of legs spinning around before take-off

(3)Cat Flees to place inaccessible to Dog

(4)Dog Turns Back.

With the cats we meet it’s more

(1)Dog Barks

(2)Cat Raises Eyebrow

(3)Dog makes half-hearted lunge

(4)Cat remains stationary and says feline equivalent of “yeah, whatever, come at me Brah”

There are 3 regular cats in Kato world

(1)Chicken Cat - a reference to its target/location not demeanour, it hangs out near a garden where there are were (according to Dave-the-Shop) 150 hens

(2)School Cat – hangs around near the primary school. School Cat will not move from our path – so we have to cross over or Kato will be unpacking several confidence issues.

(3)Garden Cat – hangs out in our garden at altitude of no less than 8 feet. Kato doesn’t attempt to chase Garden Cat. When Kato is considering World Events she sits talking to Garden Cat, usually about School Cat