frodi curious

Cider with Frodi

Kato sniffed the air and glared at Frodi. “You stink” she said “Have you over-rolled or what?”

Frodi had some sort of brown squishy item in his mouth and was covered in brown mush. I inspected from a distance expecting yet another half decayed corpse had been brought in. Kato ignores the wind-fallen pears and apples in the garden but Frodi will munch through a few, the more fermented the better.

“Hello gorgeous, wanna share this” Frodi dropped a rotting pear beside Kato. Kato looked disgusted at being offered a decomposing fruit item. In Kato mind a pear is only one paw away from the horror that is lettuce.

“Is he pissed?!” I laughed “Phoo, he does stink, better not put him near a naked flame”

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