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Kato Walk - Postal

Spotted Posty leaning on our gate post about to issue a red card.

“Shit!” I said to Kato “Run!” I broke into a semi-canter with Kato reluctantly trotting behind me.

“Don’t!” said Kato “Ohhhh....sooooo embarrassing”

“Woo hoo” I woo-hooed to Posty

“Oh... woo hoo-ing, attracting attention” grumbled Kato “The shame...”

“Morning Usain Bolt” said Posty “Was just leaving you a card, hello Rover”

“Rover!” snarked Kato “Do I look like a car?”

“Not so Ferocious close up are you” he said

“Not when she’s red faced from running” agreed Kato.
Posty looked as if he was considering going in for a "pat". This would have broken several rules of dog / postman protocol. Kato screwed her eyes up and lowered her head but he was just getting his pen so I could sign.
"Ta-ra" said Posty "See ya Fido"

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