kato age two

Kato Walk - Obstacles

“Sometimes” said Kato wistfully “I wish I was a boy dog and could express my disdain through the medium of urination”

“Me too” I said

In our path – on the pavement – was a huge 4 by 4 completely blocking our route. This is a mild nuisance for me and Kato, but for Mums with pushchairs, people in wheelchairs, or the walking bus heading to primary school it’s dangerous. And there was no reason for it – plenty of parking spaces. I glared at the driver. It was a good glare, as I channelled Kato and I peeing up his car.

Surprisingly for mid-morning, the social housing residents were shambling towards us with Jake the Sprollie darting about.

“Mornin’ Lady” said one though his eyes were fixed on Kato.

I looked back to see how they got on with the blocked pavement. The two men stumbled around the enormous car without comment but Jake the Sprollie helicoptered himself over the windscreen.

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One of Barnum's 'talents' was the fact he was so big (think Moose) he could cock his leg and wee over the neighbours car bonnet should they forget they already had a white lined designated parking pace of their own and park out side our house....