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Kato - Health

Kato continues to express severe pain in her front paw. Sunday she wasn't well enough to go out with Glyn, so Frodi went. Kato grizzled, so we took her to the park in the car and she had a very small walk.
She is mobile on three leg but slowly, leading her to wake up  piddly puddles. Given her the max does of Pardale and Codeine now. She's now dry, tucked in her basket looking very tired and this may sound a bit nuts to describe a black dog but she seems to have dark circles under her eyes. Vet tomorrow if no improvement.

In other news, we actually have other news, going to put it in seperate locked post.

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Yes, we went vet anyway and have stronger painkillers for if it happens again. She improved enough to go for a long slow ramble with Glyn yesterday. She's tired to day but in that happy sleepy dog way.