kato age two

Vets -

The waiting room was busy with a noisy impatient queue at the desk. A woman was querying her receipt.

“Is this the flea spray for the house” she asked. The entire queue took a step back.

“Can I do me sofa with it?” she continued scratching her arm as she spoke.       

The queue became a Jacobs Ladder of pet owners, fidgeting and mumbling they weren’t in a hurry.

Kato has a strange relationship with her Vet. She secretly likes him and sniffs him whenever he isn't looking, trying to stealth up behind him to get a proper sniff. But the minute he goes near her, she rumbles at him. It isn't aggressive, just nervous. He seemed pleased with her, just to keep managing her symptoms with the current medication.We mentioned the fast night-time panting she does. Vet asked us to try and record / film it, so of course she hasn't done it since.

Kato has had codeine today as she's done something to her paw. Hopefully it's just a bruise after a violent game of Rock, Scissor, Paper with Frodi yesterday. Kato can only do Rock. Frodi usually plays safe with Squishy Pebble so Kato wins, but he daringly did the rare Rock shredder scissor move so Kato punched him. Frodi gazed adoringly at Kato for the rest of the day.